Replacing Multiple Teeth

If you have several missing teeth, you have two options for teeth replacement, dentures, or an implant supported bridge.

Although dentures are more economical and do require less treatment time, patients can find them difficult to wear. They can also feel bulky or uncomfortable and can limit the foods you are able to eat. Denture can also make you feel very self-conscious, especially if dentures are not a particularly good fit. Because the bone in your jaw gradually shrinks away in volume from areas where teeth are missing, it means you can also be left with an ageing, “sucked-in” appearance around your mouth and jaw.

An implant supported bridge to replace missing teeth looks and feels more realistic and does not have adverse effects on neighboring teeth. It also helps to maintain your jaw bone and facial contours.

The disadvantages are that treatment involves a small amount of surgery and can take a few months to complete. Although teeth replacement cost is high initially however it is more cost effective in the long-term.

Implant supported bridge can improve confidence and appearance. They allow people who have missing teeth to be able to smile, speak, and chew well and comfortably. Teeth replacement with implants can restore the natural smile creating increased reassurance and spontaneity of expression.

The fees for multiple teeth Implant  starts from £1499. 

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